Richard's Rules

Know the Rules. There will be a quiz.

1. Have fun
2. Respect us and we’ll respect you, otherwise we’re kickin’ your butt
3. Please check your weapons at the door
4. If we screw up, it’s your fault
5. If we give you a hard time, it’s because we like you
6. Give us a hard time back
7. Be patient, all food is prepared to order
8. Take care of those taking care of you
9. NO substitutions
10. The blender is broken
11. We serve steaks til 4am, but we are not a steakhouse, capiche?
12. We card everyone
13. Our cheese sauce has a kick, deal with it

14. We know you’re better than us, so you don’t have to act like it while you’re here
15. If you don’t get your food in 15 minutes, you’ll get it after 15 minutes
16. If you throw gum on the carpet, we reserve the right to torture you
17. We reserve the right to add a 17% gratuity to 6+ and all after 10pm pm
18. A plate charge of $2 will be added to shared plates
19. During peak business hours, like before a concert, when we say it could take 30 or more minutes for your food, it actually can take that long!!
20. Know the rules, period!
21. If you are too cheap to tip the wait staff, this isn’t the place for you.